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Are you passionate about living a healthy lifestyle? As a Caravan Affiliate, you will help spread the word of our mission and how Caravan Wellness can help others achieve their goals. Here at Caravan Wellness we want to help anyone and everyone unlock their potential. By doing this, we have created many programs that are designed to promote our mission.

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As an affiliate you are given your own special link that is designed specifically for you. You are given the freedom to promote your link in your own creative and unique way. When a purchase is made through your specific link, the link automatically generates a commission, depending on what subscription was purchased by the buyer. The more you promote, the more extra cash you can have tucked away for a rainy day.

What is Our Mission?

Caravan Wellness focuses on a holistic health approach to creating a long-term healthy lifestyle among users. Not only do we focus on the physical and mental side of health, but we also specialize in the spirituality as well. When we are working within these dynamics we focus on six sections. These sections are: Success + Purpose, Meditation + Relaxation, Yoga + Breathing, Mindfulness + Spirituality, Fitness + Pilates, and Energy + Nutrition. Within each of these categories we have designed programs to help our users to be successful.

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We have developed many programs that are created especially to help individuals reach their goals. Each program works on a specific part of our holistic health teachings. We specialize in physical, mental, and spiritual practices.

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