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allie’s journey with caravan

Allie’s wellness transformation


Can you tell us about your journey and where you are today?

My journey started amongst the sweet water lakes in the midwest state of Michigan. Around my early 20’s a work opportunity opened up in New York City for me in a creative field I’d been dying to explore, modeling. I packed my bags and moved to the city in 2015. Since living on my own I’ve been experiencing a lot of life and in New York, life is on a much grander scale. My journey has had many ups and downs leaving me in various emotional states, leaving me desiring to better control my emotions and thought patterns.

“Through wellness techniques I’ve learned, I now have the tools to to react calmly and rationally in every situation.”

Today, I feel empowered knowing I have a handle on my emotions and continue to practice wellness techniques on a daily basis. I can feel the difference in my day when I’ve not meditated versus having meditated. To notice that shift and notice that these wellness techniques are in fact impacting my life in a positive way encourages me to continue to explore the world of wellness and selfceare. I find that honing these skills not only helps me in my personal life, but in my professional life as well. When I take the time to provide self wellness for myself, I notice that my work improves. Seeing all this improvement creates such a positive momentum in my life, it’s empowering.

What is your experience with wellness?

My experience with wellness is personal. It is something I practice on a daily basis to help mold myself into the best version of me I can be, both for the world and myself. I have a natural tendency to be nurturing and care for the well being of others, but I feel that if I am not at my best then I cannot do my best work. Practicing wellness keeps me balanced.

What are some of your favorite CARAVAN classes and why?

Some of my favorite Caravan classes are the mediation ones such as Daily Rise, Become More Present: Breathing Meditation, Daily Body Awareness and Meditation For Sleep. I like these classes because I can practice them on a continuous basis and each provides a certain level of inner peace when I can tune into myself just right. The effects are phenomenal.

Outside of meditation I’m a huge fan of all the workout classes Caravan has to offer specifically pilates. In my line of work, modeling, pilates is a holy grail of workouts. It help tone, lengthen and strengthen with out leaving you bulky. With Caravan Wellness’s pilates workouts I have access to a variety of guided workout right from my phone! This really helps me to stay onto of my game no matter the time of day or where I am.

I’m really digging all the education information that Caravan provides too! I’m constantly reading up on all the articles they provide on the blog tab. Perfect reading for on the go!

How has incorporating wellness into you daily routine improved your lifestyle?

Since incorporating wellness into my daily routine I’ve noticed a stronger sense of self peace in my day to day activities and internally. I deal with anxiety and panic attacks on a daily basis. Feeling like this can leave me rather scatter brained and uneasy. Before incorporating wellness, I would be left feeling very unbalanced and have a rollercoaster of emotions because I couldn’t digest the anxiety and panic I went through.

“Since incorporating wellness into my daily routine I’ve noticed a stronger sense of peace both mentally and spiritually.”

I’ve been able implement the techniques learned and control my anxiety which is empowering to say the least. My mind runs slower, clearer and has the freedom to think and feel other things besides being overwhelmed.

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