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the caravan experience

“I am LOVING CARAVAN’s classes. Thank you CARAVAN for creating such an amazing platform for high vibe people!”
Aimee Bida, Boston

“The practices about postures and stretching on CARAVAN are a great way to activate my nervous system for a more relaxed and present state”
Nia Davies, London

“I can’t get enough of CARAVAN’s practices! CARAVAN helps me clear my thoughts, especially when I have trouble sleeping.”
Christina Mak, New York

“Pilates with CARAVAN Wellness while traveling. That’s the best 👌”
Ana Tess, New York

“CARAVAN helps me improve my focus and set positive mantras in place to be a better thanksgiver.”
Christina Ionno, Los Angeles

“Been trying a new morning wake up meditation with CARAVAN to start my days. It REALLY helps me get focused! ”
Sarah Grace Sanders, New York

“I love my relaxing mornings with a short CARAVAN class called “Sight & Sun”. And if I am feeling stressed or anxious, I always head over to CARAVAN.”
Kate Elson, New York

“CARAVAN helps me feel my best self and balance myself into Monday. Thank you CARAVAN! ”
Olga Khomenko, New York

“Starting my morning off RIGHT thanks to CARAVAN Wellness. Literally 10/15 minutes every morning can dictate how you tackle the rest of the ups & downs of your day.”

Roda Alfred, Australia

“I decided to move my wedding budget around from flowers to workouts! I’ve been using CARAVAN. My fiancé and I have been doing yoga together as a way to spend time together. It helped us make better decisions together and remember that no matter what, it’s going to be great.”
Whitney, New York