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“This is the only app that l found dedicated for busy people who rarely has enough time to complete the exercises. The reason why I call it a full package app is that not only it has workouts for yoga, pilates, cardio etc, but also helps to meditate.”
Hilary F.

“Highly recommend if you want to make your day more efficient! I wish I could do yoga more often, but with my busy schedule it’s hard for me to find time to make it to a studio. This app is great for squeezing in a quick session when I have a little downtime at home! ”
Birry W.

“It’s great to use in the middle of your workday, while traveling, or just at home. I’ve recommended and continue to recommend their videos to all of my fitness and wellness enthusiast friends and think there is something that everyone can benefit from on the Caravan app!”
Emily A.

“The teachers have soothing and comforting voices. It feels amazing to start my day on an inspiring note and unwind before I go to bed by listening to meditations. This app definitely is a great help if you want to stick to your mindfulness and wellness routine.)”
Yana K.

“I had never tried a practice like “tapping” before, but it has helped me so much with my anxiety.The videos are quick so it doesn’t feel overwhelming – they’re bite-sized and fit into my day. I love trying 1 new video per day to expand my wellness knowledge and have a morning ritual that starts my day out on a positive note!”
Whitney T.

“I love the options that you offer for exercise, meditation health and nutrition. I love your passion for teaching others to lead a healthy lifestyle. Thanks for all that you do!”
Kimberly M.

“A lot of other wellness apps fail to bring in the emotional/personal component that is so vital for wellbeing. I love the length of the videos, the quality of the videos and the layout of the app. So glad I got it and incorporate it in my morning routine.”
Tom M.

“Since I started CARAVAN, I have seen a huge improvement in my own life. Caravan helped me take a pause in my day, regain clarity and strength.”
Allie C.

“I love Thankful Texting In Action. It’s an excellent, uplifting training. I highly recommend.”
Stephanie S.

“Caravan helps me discover new ways to improve my meditation.”
Karina B.

“Pilates with Caravan Wellness while traveling. That’s the best 👌”
Ana T.