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Fun & Effective Wellness Program

Offer your clients or employees beautiful branded wellness videos.

Or, take it a step further and let us create you a customized video program.

How to get started

Request a Consultation

Meet with the Caravan Team to discuss your team's goals and needs

Receive your Videos

Receive a customized wellness portal, designed just for your company, with unique content and a full calendar of wellness classes

Feel the Difference

Create a happier, healthier, more engaged workplace. See the difference with clients!

How to use Caravan

Healthy Online

Offer a benefit to your employees and clients that they will love and tell everyone about

Branded Videos

Create beautiful videos that reflect your company's unique branding, culture and wellness vision

Design a Program

Build a wellness video program for your office or website with sessions that engage your employees and clients

Benefits of office wellness

Make employees 15% less likely to change jobs

Reduces daily anxiety and stress, which 70% of adults experience daily

Savings of $264/employee/year with onsite wellness programs

Examples of previous engagements

Brands we work with

The Rubin
Big Human