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Fun & Modern Wellness Programs

Offer your clients, students or employees engaging wellness education.

Or, take it a step further and let us create you a customized video program.

How to get started

Request a Consultation

Contact the Caravan Team to discuss your organization's goals and needs

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Receive a customized wellness video or dedicated portal, designed just for you

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Create a happier, healthier, more engaged workplace and brand. Feel the difference!

How to use Caravan

Healthy Online

Offer a benefit to your employees, students or clients that they love and tell everyone about

Branded Videos

Create beautiful videos that reflect your organization's unique brand and vision

Design a Program

Build a wellness video program that excites everyone. Be proud of the impact that you have on people's overall health

Benefits of wellness education

Makes employees significantly less likely to change jobs

Reduces daily anxiety and stress, which majority of adults experience daily

Meaningful savings on health costs and insurance expenses

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Brands we work with

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