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brenna’s journey with caravan

Brenna’s self-care journey


Can you tell us about your journey and where you are today?

I hit a low point in 2014 which forced me to take responsibility for my experience in life. Ignoring my intuition was no longer an option for me! I had to get crystal clear on my beliefs and figure out what was true to me, then I had to live it. I ended up moving from my country life in Oregon and flying across the country with 2 bags to New York. I switched to online classes at Oregon State, so that I could move and study something I was really passionate about – holistic health and spirituality. I enrolled at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, started a blog, and dove deep into spirituality. I became SO passionate about it and let the light inside me guide what I do today. It’s never failed me!

So, here I am living in NYC! I am a life coach and lifestyle blogger/influencer. I have also recently started hosting Goddess Groups here in the city with the intention of helping women know their truth, step into their power, lift one another up and recognize our oneness. I believe sisterhood is a very powerful thing and it’s so important here in this city that’s full of distractions. I also love collaborating with others on the same mission. I’ve met amazing people here in New York, like Itay and Lisa from CARAVAN. I look forward to meeting many more!

What is your experience with wellness?

Without my wellness, I have nothing. Feeling good is what attracts more good into our lives and its too easy to get caught in the cycle of settling and not feeling good. I believe wellness has many dimensions and everything starts in the mind. For me, I need to have a routine, rituals and daily practices. I created some online courses called The MNDFull Life, which stands for Movement, Nourishment, Daily Soul Work, and Fill up. I think they’re all important parts to living ones best life.

What are some of your favorite CARAVAN Classes or Programs?

I like the programs, those are a lot of fun! The meditations are super valuable to me too. One thing that I really love about CARAVAN, is that you can wander around the site and come across new things that end up really helping you. It’s a great way to get a little taste and the you can go dig deeper if you want to. They don’t push one thing, which is great, because we all thrive on something different and have to find what works for each of us.



10 day transformation (level II)


50 practices | 10 min average


How has incorporating wellness into you daily routine improved your lifestyle?

I try to live the MNDFull life. I wake up and nourish my body with water, food, rest and movement. I pray, meditate and do soul work. I fill up by doing the things I love, going certain places, working (from a place of truth and love) and spending time with people that support me.

“I am committed to living in alignment.”

Without theses things, I just don’t feel good and that’s not okay. I don’t show up for myself or others. I am committed to my wellness (mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally) and to feeling good.

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