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Increase happiness, motivation, loyalty, health and productivity.

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Caravan is the only service that offer holistic approach to wellness and can design unique classes and experiences based on your company's unique needs.

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Caravan's new, modern and engaging content combined with holistic approach delivers the highest engagement rates. Track engagement with detailed quarterly reports from Caravan.


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Launch kit with an engaging campaign, email templates and printable posters

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Best practice guidance for launching successfully and incentivizing adoption

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End-user access to Caravan Support

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Join the innovative companies that look to Caravan to improve their organizational culture and business outcomes.

We can help you successfully launch Caravan, engage your employees, and measure impact. We offer easily accessible resources to support you. If you want to learn more or discuss the right model for your company, please contact us.

Recent news

01.15.2019   Blink Health and Caravan Wellness establish a new model for corporate wellness resources.

12.21.2018   Kettle Space and Caravan Wellness establish a new model for common workspace wellness resources.

11.16.2018   Spring Place and Caravan Wellness establish a wellness resources strategic partnership.