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CARAVAN Meditation

CARAVAN Meditation Event with Victoria

We hosted our monthly Wellness Series event lead by CARAVAN teacher Victoria this past Tuesday evening at Spring Place.

Check Out Our Video from the Event and Learn more about Samatha Meditation 

Grapefruit-tequila cocktails flowed whilst 50 of our loyal subscribers and followers mingled in anticipation for the night’s guided meditation.

CARAVAN Meditation Teacher Victoria

Around 7:30 p.m., Victoria situated herself towards the front of the room and prompted all guests to take their seats, remove their shoes and close their eyes to relax into the CARAVAN meditation experience

Relax, release and return encapsulated the theme of the meditation as guests were asked to focus on their breathing- inhaling their desires and exhaling the stresses in which they brought into the evening. Victoria also advised guests to maintain an up-right posture and to use tactile sensation as the focal point of their concentrations.

“Let’s just touch base for why we meditate and what meditation is,” Victoria says, opening up the event to a discussion following the 20-minute meditation.

“We are reactivating our parasympathetic nervous system to bring our body away from fight-or-flight and back into homeostasis,” Victoria says. “What are the first four letters of homeostasis? ‘Home.’ The definition of homeostasis is an, ‘organism’s optimal condition for living’- that can’t be a coincidence.”

The night proceeded into a Q & A where CARAVAN guests received answers to all of their burning wellness questions from a licensed meditation professional.  

One of our guests asked if all meditations needed to take place in 20-minute intervals like the one we had performed.

“Your practice can occur anywhere, for any amount of time, as long as you are utilizing tactile sensation,” Victoria responded. “For instance, you can do it while you are taking the subway to-and-from work, and focus all of your attention on the bar that you’re holding while you stand.”

Victoria offered our event’s attendees tools that they can use to begin each of their own meditation journeys and demonstrated how everyone’s practice is unique to their user.

We are grateful for all of our supporters who were able to attend our event and hope that we demonstrated meditation as a tangible experience anyone can enjoy. 

Some Final Meditation Inspo From Our Teacher Victoria Before You Go

“Every time the thoughts just go, and go, and go, just exhale them. Release physical tension, mental constriction. They’re one in the same. Release them completely and bring in what you want to bring in… suddenly, the bars on the cage of the mind seem to disappear. The one catch? You have to do the practice, and it’s as simple as it seems.” – CARAVAN Meditation Teacher Victoria Davis


Practice With Victoria on CARAVAN