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Conscious Capitalism

Conscious Capitalism with Care/of and Juxtapose

We held our second CARAVAN Wellness Conscious Capitalism event of the month- the fifth since our launch- at Spring Place this past Wednesday, hosting special guest speakers Jed Cairo, founder of permanent capital fund Juxtapose, and Craig Elbert, founder of the personalized vitamin company Care/of.

Our Conscious Capitalism events invite corporate thought leaders and moguls whose impactful missions, products and work environments are redefining the ways in which we view business. 

A collection of over 100 of our diverse guests met and mingled in Spring Place’s sunken living room before our founder Itay Blasenheim would mediate our panel.

To put it simply, Juxtapose looks to build, “pretty obvious companies that should exist,” says Cairo. “We try to understand change that is happening in the world. We create technology to change industries.”

Juxtapose’s passionate mentality catalyzed the development of the vitamin industry trailblazer, Care/of.

Between the company’s under-five-minute quizzes which produce a client’s individualized vitamin care packages, or the earth-conscious compostable packaging each customer receives per order, it’s truly no question how the company is turning Big Pharma culture onto its head.

The two founders each shared pieces of information to describe how their companies fell under the category of “conscious capitalism.”

Elbert explained how honesty has been built into the DNA of Care/of. Through honest products and honest management, “ultimately customers are rewarded and employees are rewarded,” Elbert said. “The best employees understand that we are doing something good for others, motivating them for more than just a paycheck. We are trying to impact people’s health.”




Care/of’s genuine and human-centric approach can be recognized as a pillar to its major success. Cairo expressed similar sentiments in reference to Juxtapose’s frequent use of the word “virtuous,” to help express its “thoughtful capitalism” method.

“We use virtuous to describe situations that are self-sustaining,” Cairo said. “Relationships between a company and its customers, customers and its suppliers. When both parties feel good about that arrangement, those types of “virtuous” relationships are the ones that survive. We want to believe that the things that we are building are virtuous, helping people to live better lives.”

Our two guests were nothing short of inspiring, leaving our fascinated crowd bubbling with questions.

Prompted by Juxtapose’s frequently used word “virtuous,” one of our guests asked Cairo if his office uses any other important words or terms with powerful meanings.

Cairo answered with the term, “touching bottom.”

Once the smiles had been exchanged and the laughter lightened, Cairo shared a philosophically impactful explanation for the term.

“Touching bottom relates to being rigorous,” Cairo said. “The idea that you’re swimming, diving into the depths, and you don’t really know how deep you are, or how solid the foundation is until you touch bottom. We like to know our CEO’s before we work with them, getting 50 references to learn whole lives and backgrounds. It’s very easy to mislead by the first or second answer you get. In the way we like to work, we like certainty. This gives us the ability to know what we are signing up for. This is touching-bottom.”

We are hopeful that our Conscious Capitalism events will help to provide you with the necessary tools for a life-transforming wellness adventure.