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GLP-1 Companion For Long-Term Health


There are two concerning trends are emerging for individuals prescribed GLP-1 drugs for weight loss:

  1. Up to 40% of weight loss while taking GLP-1 drugs can be attributed to muscle loss
  2. Cessation of GLP-1 drugs often results in the user regaining most or all weight

These realities underscore the necessity of a comprehensive approach to weight management. Caravan’s Total Health Companion For GLP-1 Users emphasizes muscle preservation with fitness practices and promotes healthier lifestyle changes in support of lasting weight management.

The loss of muscle mass during treatment with GLP-1 drugs poses a significant challenge to metabolic health and long-term weight management. Significant muscle loss may compromise metabolic function and physical ability. Addressing this issue requires tailored strategies to preserve lean muscle tissue, thereby creating a metabolically favorable environment for sustained weight management.

Furthermore, studies highlight the tendency for individuals to regain lost weight once they discontinue GLP-1 drugs. A comprehensive approach to weight management, which includes ongoing lifestyle support and education, is essential to help individuals maintain their progress and achieve lasting success beyond the duration of pharmacological intervention.

Caravan’s Total Health GLP-1 Companion program plays a crucial role in addressing the challenges presented to individuals prescribed GLP-1 drugs. By integrating science-backed strategies to mitigate muscle loss during treatment and offering long-term guidance to prevent weight regain, the program provides a comprehensive solution to optimize weight management outcomes. With strength-building exercises, nutritional guidance, and health education, our companion program empowers individuals to achieve their weight loss goals, promoting overall health and wellbeing in the long run.

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