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leeza’s journey with caravan

Leeza’s self-care journey


Can you tell us about your wellness journey and where you are today? 

I developed an interest in health and wellness just after I began my modeling career. I always loved the idea of following a more straightforward and natural lifestyle but never believed in its effects nor cared to see any benefits. However, when I was struggling with my weight and health as a model I turned to wellness. I was blown away with how much impact just following a better diet and exercise routine got me. It is far deeper than simply having a good looking body and skin. Holistically focusing on all aspects of health helps me maintain mental health as well as physical health, keeps my immune system working properly, and keeps my mood and energy levels elevated. My mind and spirit function at high energy levels and rarely disappoint me. The inner health thus manifests in an overall healthy appearance. This personal journey lead me to begin pursuing a career in naturopathy and focusing on promoting health and wellness.

What are some of your favorite CARAVAN Classes?

Meditation Guided Art: One of my favorite classes on CARAVAN must be the meditation guided art class. I was always into creating art for fun and for self-expression but using art therapy to understand myself and my inner environment is very interesting and fascinating. It’s always exciting to see what I create in the end and understand the hidden messages. 

Leeza’s top picks

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