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Case Study: Miami University



Caravan offers online wellness video classes and customized wellness programs and challenges to all Miami University students and employees. General research has shown that different aspects of wellness interconnect and work together to support the individual’s overall well-being.* Caravan provides the largest variety of engaging wellness activities, and is accessible anywhere students need it, especially during the pandemic.

The Problem

According to a survey by the Healthy Minds Network, of the students who attempted to seek mental health care during the pandemic, 23.3% said it had been “much more difficult” to access care. American Psychological Association has stated that “Gen Z adults (ages 18-23) are at a pivotal moment in their lives, and are experiencing adulthood at a time when the future looks uncertain.” Nearly 8 in 10 Gen Z adults (79%) say the future of our nation is a significant source of stress in their life. Miami University – always putting students’ first and prioritizing students’ health and wellbeing – wanted to take an innovative approach to provide resources that fit every student’s unique needs and maximize students fitness and wellness engagement, as students are taking classes remotely or living off-campus.

“I look at this as our job to be creative and work for the students to provide them the best experience possible under very challenging circumstances.”
-Doug Curry, Executive Director of Recreation Services at Miami University

Our Solution

Caravan’s holistic solution easily addressed the diverse needs of Miami University student population. To maximize student engagement on all aspects of wellness and to avoid focusing on one problem at a time, Caravan designed monthly holistic wellness challenges and encouraged everyone at Miami University to participate. For example, we planned a custom, 30-day “Holistic Wellness” program to help students learn the importance of having a well-rounded approach to wellness. The challenge included activities in strength training, fitness, pilates, meditation, mindfulness, brain training and more. The classes on Caravan are short, ranging from 2 to 30 minutes, which are easy to do in between classes, keeping the students committed and on track. Caravan also has an accessibility solution for Miami University. All Caravan video classes now have video captioning, alt text, and other features, meeting AccessMU Center’s requirements and bringing the video player into compliance with WCAG AA standards.

The Results

Aſter 2 months of using Caravan’s Wellness solution, 86% of participating Miami University students were satisfied with the new wellness program. From the participant survey, results showed a 67% increase in overall health. A few students shared their experiences with Caravan. Students reported that they liked the variety of exercises offered and the shortness of the videos.

“ I like the variety of exercises offered.”
“This has been really helpful for me.”

The results from the Miami University students in just 2 months shows the positive impact that Caravan’s digital wellness program has made. By providing accessible and effective wellness programs, more students are able to make efforts in cultivating their overall well- being.

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